The SDLG Hydraulic E680Fi Excavator is a purpose-built 8 ton machine. At the heart of the machine is a Japanese Yanmar engine which features a 4-valve structure. It is a highly efficient engine which offers power and fuel economy.

A load-sensing hydraulic system in the excavator delivers high performance and high efficiency. An ergonomically-designed cabin reduces operator fatigue and makes it comfortable for the operator to handle the machine for long duty cycles. These features make the excavator a reliable and durable machine in urban and rural settings.

Unit58 HP
Torque246NM @1575RPM
Transmission MakeNA
Engine MakeYanmar
Capacity8 ton
Bucket capacity0.3 cu.meter
  • It has 9-Modes for best in class fuel efficiency and production
  • The engine is ECU controlled for high productivity.
  • The engine is provided with external EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), which introduces exhaust from the vent valve to the cylinder, reduces oxygen content in the cylinder, lowers the combustion temperature, and reduces the generated NOX, thus achieving lower emission.
  • The structure is robust with an integrated frame, Robotic-welded high-strength steel plates with reinforced joints and large ground clearance translate into high durability.
  • The integral upper frame has an even load distribution and good rigidity; the lower frame features a trapezoid beam structure which supports high loading capacity.
  • The cabin has skylight and a wide field of vision. The front windshield can be opened and also provided is left rear angle with an arc glass to achieve wide swing field of vision. Other features like silicon oil shock absorbers, 6-way adjustable mechanical suspension seat, strong A/C with many outlets and multiple storage compartments are standard.
  • The wear-resistant GP bucket lasts 20% longer.
  • All important components like he air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, and pilot oil filter element, are located in the engine hood, which can be accessed easily and maintained conveniently.
  • Optional attachments like top mounted breakers, LM bucket, ditching buckets, log grapples make the excavator a versatile machine.