ARGO 4800

4 Cyl Turbocharged – 80.9KW (110 hp) @ 2200rpm

Drum Output – 4.8 cu m/batch*

*Subject to conditions


Concrete Batch Controller

Accurately measures all the ingredients to produce high quality concrete.

High Gradeability

Highly efficient in steep inclined terrains, Advance technology for delivering concrete even at inclined position.

Self Loading Arm with Hatch Bucket

The Loading arm with tilting hatch bucket ensures smooth flow of material into the drum, thus minimising spillage.

Ease of Operation

Single joystick for loading operation, Hydraulically operated levers for easy handling of operations.

Tight Turning Radius

4 Wheel steering system allows manoeuverability in narrow space and allows for tight turning radius. Crab steering enables side manoeuverability.

Reversible Operator Post

Provised complete visibility to the operator when the ARGO is in motion or during loading/unloading operation.

Ease of Maintenance

Excellent design permits ease of accessibilty and maintenance.

Ergonomic Design

The cabin is designed to enhance the efficiency of the operator and allowing him to work for longer hours.

Drum Swivel Variant

Now get an extra edge by giving a swivel feature to your drum for unloading operations.

High pressure cleaning

On board water tank coupled with a high pressure jet system will allow you to keep your machine clean at the end of the day.

Add-ons to tailor fit your project

Rear view Camera.
Admixture dosing unit.



Available in Kriloskar and Mahindra 4 cylinder turbocharged 80.9KW (110 hp) @ 2200 rpm CEV-IV Complaint

Heavy Duty Tyre

400/70-20 IND 155 A8

Drum Capacity and Output

4.8 cu m/batch*
*Subject to conditions

Machine Weight

Unladen Weight 8930 kg

Water Tank Capacity

850 ltr

Fuel Tank Capacity

135 ltr

Bucket Capacity

625 ltr

Vehicle Speed

0-29 kmph



Roads & Bridges

Buildings & Factories

Urban Infra




A89,960 - 91,840 kg
B450 kW
C1,800 rpm
D3.9 - 6 m³
E37,460 kg
F6 / 1.5 m
G12,270 mm
H7,120 mm
I424 kN
J408 kN