Concrete Output Max – 70 cu m/hr

Engine – 110 hp

Boom reach – 25 m


3 Way Steering

3 way steering ensures tight turning radius Excellent Manoeuvrability Ideal to work in confined spaces.

S-Valve Technology

Manufactured with special cast steel material, hard faced and optimised design.

4 Wheel Drive

Improves traction while drive off road Contribute to better grip on slippery and wet terrarin.


Highly efficient in steep inclined terrains.

Bi-directional Tyres

Flat Bi directional tread pattern with high lug-to-void Void Protection Guard.

Reversible Operator Post

Swivel Operator Post 180 deg Tiltable Telescopic Steering coloumn kit

Boom Operations and Control

Versatile 4 section Z-fold Boom Auto matic Lubrication Smooth and precise Boom positioning at greater distance.

Auto Lubrication System

To reduce maintenance, the pumping units are equipped with an automatic greasing system including electric pump with grease tank. Automatic greasing system comes as an optional feature.


Hopper Capacity

600 ltr

Concrete Output

Rod Side: 70 cu m/hr

Concrete Output

Piston Side: 48 cu m/hr

Concrete Pressure

Rod Side: 106 bar

Concrete Pressure

Piston Side: 71 bar

Distribution Valve



Reaching Height 24.15 m
Horizontal reach (from center of slewing axis) 20.22 m
Reach depth 14.7 m
Slewing angle 360 deg
1st Folding angle 96 deg
2nd Folding angle 180 deg
3rd Folding angle 270 deg
4th Folding angle 360 deg
No. of articulations 4